Your list of gifts
for your family and friends

Finally a place where you can create and manage your wishlists, so your family and friends always know which gifts you would like to receive on special occasions.


Never was so easy to receive and offer gifts

The best tool, either for who wants to let know which gifts would like to receive, either for who wants to offer a gift but don't know what to choose.

Wishlists for different occasions

You can create multiple wishlists: Birthday, Christmas, Wedding, etc. You can even have 2 wishlists for the same occasion: one for the family and other for friends.

Share it with a direct link

Only who have the direct link for your wishlist will be able to see it. You decide who you want to share it... and, at any moment, you can change the link address.

Private Wishlists

You can even keep wishlists private, only you have access from your private area. You can also temporarily hide a specific product from a wishlist!

Order by interest level

You decide which products appear first on your wishlists. The ranking will be highlighted, so people know what you want more.

Detailed info for each product

You can detail a product description as much as possible: add a picture, create attributes and specify links for the online stores where the product can be purchased.

Confidential information

All the data you add on our system is totally protected and will not be transmitted to third parties. This is a service for you and your closest ones.

4 steps

Simple and intuitive to use

In less than 5 minutes you can register and create your first wishlist. Then you only need to share the link with your family and friends.

Sign Up

The first step is to create your account. Choose a unique username that will identify you, specify your email and define the password.

Create a wishlist

Once you have your account, you can start creating your wishlists. You just have to give it a title and optionally fill some other fields.

Add products

Now you can add products to your just created wishlist. The more you detail your product, the easier will be for who will offer you the gift.

Partilha a wishlist

Por fim, basta espalhares o link da tua wishlist com os teus familiares e amigos. Cada uma tem um endereço único que pode ser definido por ti.

Let's go!

Start right now creating your wishlists

Join the community that are already using MyWishlist.
The more we are, the easier will be for everybody to give and receive gifts.


Frequently Asked Questions

List of questions more frequently asked about the usage of MyWishlist.
Any other doubt, you can drop us a message from the contacts page.

How many wishlists can I create?
You can create as many wishlists as you want, they are unlimited. You can create a wishlist for Christmas, another for your next birthday, or any other situation. You can have multiple wishlists for the same situation: one for your friends and one for your family.
Is my information shared with third parties?
No! Your information is completely confidential and processed automatically, under the terms approved by the National Data Protection Commission. No entity external to MyWishlist has access or can consult this data, except when required by law. Neither information is subject to analysis on our part, nor does it undergo any type of manual processing. For more information you can consult our privacy policy.
Who will be able to view my wishlists?
There is no place on the site where each user's wishlists are listed; search engines are also prevented from indexing the pages of each wishlist... Therefore, although the pages are available online, only people with whom you share their address will have access to your wishlists.
Are there any costs associated with using the service?
The MyWishlist platform is and will always be completely free for its users. It was a project developed for pleasure, with the simple objective of serving the community, exploring an idea that we found interesting.
Can I delete my account?
Yes! You can delete your account at any time and all your data and wishlists will be deleted from our database.
Do I have full control over the data I submit?
Yea! At any time you can add, change or delete all information relating to your wishlists and products. You have full control. You can also temporarily decide to hide products from a wishlist, or even the entire wishlist, leaving the address working for whoever has it. You can also change the wishlist address. For technical reasons, the only data that cannot be changed is the username. If you want a different username you will have to create a new account.
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