The concept

About MyWishlist

The MyWishlist project born from the frustration we all often feel when it's the moment to offer or receive a gift.

The Christmas season comes or an anniversary comes, and it’s always the same thing: “We don’t know what he/she likes or needs”. The same also happens and, a lot of times, we receive gifts that we don’t like.

What if “a place”, where that info could be “changed”, exists?
“I know what you need, you know what I need…”?

The perspective of who receives

The joy of receiving "that" gift

The advantages of sharing your wishlist with your family and friends.

  • You reduce the chances of receiving gifts that you don’t need;
  • You stop wasting time going to the store, exchanging the gift just because it didn’t fit you;
  • It ends up being an incentive for people around you to offer you a gift at any moment.
The perspective of who gives

The guarantee that we offer the right gift

The advantages of knowing the wishlist of the persons that are around you.

  • You can, at any moment, surprise someone who you like;
  • You stop wasting money on useless gifts;
  • All the doubts you have when you are choosing a gift are simply gone.

A growing network

The number of subscribers is growing every day.
The more we are, the easier will be for everybody to give and receive gifts.

There are already more than 2,500 subscribers using MyWishlist
More than 2,800 wishlists were already created on our platform.
We've already combined over 16,000 products in our subscriber's wishlists.
The wishlists from our subscribers already had over 31,000 views.
Take this chance and let your friends know about MyWishlist
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